House Painters North Shore Auckland

House Painters North Shore Auckland

House Painters North Shore Auckland – Someone said “Fill your Home with Colors you Love”. Home feels incomplete without colors and that’s also the most exciting part after the construction. Painting is also not an easy task to do because only the right paint will enhance the overall durability and appearance of your house. If you are looking for skilled House Painters North Shore Auckland then you are on the right blog, stay tuned.

    Introduction to BuildMakers: The best House Painters North Shore Auckland

    BuildMakers is an excellent company in North Shore Auckland that provides reliable house painting and other services. Having about 10 years of industrial experience, our professional teams provide top-notch services to every customer who reaches us. Our company aims highly towards customer needs and makes sure it matches their comfort and lifestyle. generally, to give our customers the leading services to match their expectations.

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    If you want to know more about our company and our house painting services, please contact us at +64 277766900 or

    The market size of House Painting services in North Shore Auckland

    The demand for house painting for homeowners in north shore Auckland seems to always be higher than in any other area of Auckland. People of New Zealand adapted to the modern lifestyle. From unique dressing and choosing their different career, people are becoming uncommon and classic. People often select the paints that reflect their style and personality. Due to this, the demand for house painters north shore of Auckland become higher.

    An average painter’s salary in New Zealand is about $54,600 per year or $28 – $30 per hour. The most experienced workers can make up to $62,339 a year.

    Top Design/paints for House Painting in North Shore Auckland

    There is a wide range of designs/paints. Customers have a diversity of options to choose from according to their way of living and all other aspects. Some of the popular paints are-

    1. Sherwin Williams Swizzle Gray
    2. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue
    3. Sherwin Williams Alabaster
    4. Benjamin Moore Distant Gray
    5. Benjamin Moore Capitol White
    6. Sherwin Williams Web Gray
    7. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
    8. Benjamin Moore American White
    9. Sherwin Williams Snowbound
    10. Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist

    House Painters North Shore Auckland

    Reasons Why You choose BuildMakers for exceptional House Painters North Shore Auckland

    We provide the finest services to our customers. Some good reasons to choose BuildMakers for House Painters North Shore Auckland are –

    • Cost Effective: Cost effective is basically about finding the balance between upfront costs and long-term benefits. we need planning, research, and a proper understanding of the project’s needs and its limitations. Cost-effective means getting the expected result/outcome within the budget.
    • High Performing: In Painting House, high performance is required, which involves planning, skilled labor, quality material, short-term objectives, and long-term benefits. Efficiency, quality, and safety will lead to a high-performing and successful result.
    • Long Lasting: By Various factors like quality material and skilled labor you can increase the lifespan of your home features and system significantly. Investing in long-lasting solutions will lead to the longevity of your home features and system.
    • Other Services: A wide range of services are provided by buildmakers such as house renovation, bricklaying, doors and windows, scaffolding, plumbing, waterproofing, etc so you don’t have to go to different places for different work.
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    Major Services Provide by BuildMakers –

    Various painting/GIB are stopping Auckland services provided to the customer, Some of the services are –

    Interior House PaintingInterior house painting is applying paints to the wall, ceiling, and other interior surfaces. Overall, interior house painting will make your home interior appearance look up to the mark and aesthetic.

    Exterior House Painting – Exterior house painting is applying paints on the outer walls, doors, and outer architectural surfaces. It amplifies the aspect of the house from the outside. In this, proper planning is very essential for successful painting.

    Roof Painting – Roof painting is the process where we apply paint or specialized coating on the roof of the house. Roof painting is necessary to increase roof lifespan and also makes the house appearance fine.

    Plastering and GIB stopping – Achieving professional finishing, requires skill and experience for both plastering and GIB stopping. In the construction and renovation of walls and ceilings plastering and GIB stopping is very essential.

    About our Projects and Customer Reviews 

    Our company has done over 1.25k successful projects with over 1.24k satisfied customers. We have over 250+ experts and 100% quality products. Customers’ reviews are very positive towards our services. Customers are satisfied with our services, product quality, and cost and have given positive feedback towards our services and overall work.

    For more queries feel free to contact us. Our teams would love to hear you.

    Contact Details :

    Office Location: Auckland

    Phone Number: +64 277766900

    Email Id:

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    Frequently Asked Questions about House Painters North Shore Auckland

    Question 1 How BuildMaker can be reliable for House Painting Services in North Shore Auckland?

    Ans. If you are looking for reliable house painters then search no further than BuildMakers. Our teams work closely with the owner helping them to choose suitable paints according to their lifestyle and personality.

    Question 2 How much is the average cost of House Painters in North Shore Auckland?

    Ans. The cost of hiring house painters in North Shore Auckland varies on aspects like area, customer needs, paint color, etc. The average cost of painting a house can go between $30 to $60 per square meter.

    Question.3 What are the other services provided by BuildMakers in North Shore Auckland?

    Ans. Different services are provided such as interior house painting, exterior house painting, plastering GIB stopping, etc. as per the customer’s needs.

    Question 4 How much time does a team take to complete a work in North Shore Auckland?

    Ans. A team of two to three people will take three to four days to paint an average-sized house. A large house will take six to seven days.